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THE North Face 800 LTD
North Face To commemorate the millennium produced 800 LTD special limited edition jacket.

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MET5MET5 is a high-tech jacket. This coat special weave fiber cloth to make clothing with good warm effect. MET5 with heating means to a small rechargeable lithium batteries for energy, clothing temperature can be adjusted with a regulator. The North Face jacket of this high-tech company will target customers for the climbers, the US military MET5 showed great interest.

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The North Face Edition
The North Face SUV is developed in collaboration with the Chevrolet Avalanche SUV series. The car according to the needs of climbers on the car interior a new design, the spring of 2003 in the United States, the estimated price of $ 40,395. This will be the car manufacturer and outdoor equipment manufacturers to develop the first automotive products.